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Professional:  Masters degree or higher in counseling or a related field that covers the basic principles of mental health counseling. Degree is from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning. (Able to vote and hold certain offices)
New Professional:  Masters degree or higher recently conferred. Eligibility for one year only after graduation for current NYMHCA student members only.  (Able to vote and hold office)
Student: Enrolled at least half time in a graduate program in counseling or related discipline. Not yet licensure eligible. (Able to vote and hold certain offices)
Retired:  Masters degree or higher in counseling or related field. Counselor is no longer working in any capacity in the profession. (Able to vote and hold certain offices)
Associate:  Primary work responsibilities are in human resources/personnel. Also eligible are undergraduate students who intend to pursue a Master's in mental health counseling or related clinical field. (Not able to vote or hold certain offices)
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The Find A Clinical
Supervisor Directory

This directory is for those looking for a Supervisor.  This service is $35 per year or $65 per year if you also select the Expanded Listing on the Find A Counselor Directory.  
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The Find A Counselor Directory

A Basic Listing is free - and part of your NYMHCA membership. An Expanded Listing will tell potential clients more about you and the services that you offer, including listing your web site address or email address if you desire.  An Expanded Listing is only $35 per year (or $65 per year with the Find A Supervisor listing).
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If you choose "YES", your contact information will be accessible to visitors who are looking for a therapist on the web site.  If you choose "NO", then none of your information will be accessible to visitors who may be looking for a therapist.
If you chose "YES" to be listed on the Find-A-Counselor directory, choose a type of listing:
view a basic listing
an expanded listing.
Adjustment Disorders
After Death Care / Funeral
Alcohol Abuse / Dependence
Anxiety Disorders
BiPolar / Mania
Child Abuse
Corporate Training
Couples Counseling
Death Education and Training
Death / Dying / Bereavement
Diagnostic Evaluations
Domestic Violence
EAP - Employee Assistance
Eating Disorders
Family Counseling
Gay / Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Issues
Grief and Loss
Intern Supervision
Marriage Counseling
Medication evaluations
Mens Issues
Mental Health Education and Training
Neurological Disorders
Personal Coaching
Personality Disorders
Pet Loss
Philosophical Counseling
Play Therapy
Psychological Disorders
Sexual Disorders
Sexual Abuse
Substance Abuse/Dependence
Veterans Issues / PTSD
Volunteer Training
Womens Issues
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Find-A-Counselor Directory Expanded Listing Information 

This is for all Expanded Listings.  You need only to complete this if you are purchasing the expanded listings. 
You do NOT need to complete this section if you are not listed on the Find A Counselor Directory or you have a Basic - Free Listing on the Find A Counselor Directory.
Second Office Address:
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Email Address:
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(If you do not want your email address listed in the Find A Counselor Directory,
leave this blank)
Your Web Page Address:
(graduate and post graduate)
Your Gender:
Type of Therapy conducted:
Philosophy -
Please write a brief paragraph describing the services you offer and the population you serve:
Years in Practice:
Do you have any special insights for clients of the following ethnicities:
African American
Native American
Pacific Islander
Other Ethnic Insights:
Please list all languages spoken fluently:
Average Charge Per Session: 
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